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Brand Leadership in Uncertain Times
Leaders and business owners are in complete panic mode right now. Their businesses are being pulled out from under them. Their brands are suffering. This is a time like no other - and it’s affecting you professionally and personally.

Take a deep breath and join us for a FREE webinar on Monday, March 30th at 12pm EST as we talk about how to lead your brand in uncertain times.

Brand & leadership experts Sunny Bonnell, Ashleigh Hansberger, and Matt Davies are teaming up to host a live webinar and Q&A to help founders, C-suite execs, CMOs, and other brand leaders think through how to navigate these tough times.

All 3 of us work directly with leaders and teams to help them align and gain clarity so they’re ready to take on the world in the most effective way possible.

We’ll provide tons of valuable insight and perspective to help guide you through decision-making, bring clarity, and figure out how to make it through this a stronger brand.

Topics we’ll be discussing:
- Leadership’s role in branding
- Being forced out of your comfort zone
- Why brand purpose and values are more important than ever
- Managing through pivots and reinventions
- How to rally your team
- How to keep your calm and lead effectively
- Ideas to keep customers who aren’t paying
- Creativity and spotting new opportunities

You should come if:
- You’re freaking out
- Your customers just went to zero (or hit pause)
- You’re faced with a big pivot
- You could use some damn good advice for free

Sunny and Ashleigh are the award-winning authors and founders of Motto, a top NYC branding agency that thinks and designs for brands with purpose to create Ideas Worth Rallying Around®. Matt Davies is a brand and culture consultant in the UK who helps businesses think differently about their brands.
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